Additional Information on Free boiler installs A new boiler typically costs typically around £2,300 fully installed, according to the Energy Saving Trust, so this is a fabulous freebie. If your boiler isn’t inefficient, just broken, you may be offered a repair rather than a new boiler. The offer includes fitting, though there may be an extra cost if an engineer needs to carry out extra work – for example, if it needs moving or you need extra radiators. You should be told about this beforehand. The cost of a new boiler installation can be expensive but the good news is that people who may less able to pay for a new central heating system are able to meet the cost with a Government heating grant or one of the many boiler replacement flexible finance plans currently on offer from the utility companies and the UK gas boiler manufacturers. The ECO free boilers scheme is part of an international drive to improve our carbon footprint and help reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions we pump into the environment so by obtaining a grant and updating your old boiler you could be doing your part in making the Planet more sustainable with a lower gas footprint..